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PhoneLeash cancellation policy

PhoneLeash offers a generous 30-day full-featured trial to make sure the app does what you need it to do. Please use this trial period to satisfy yourself completely, before proceeding to purchase a subscription.

There are no new features that become available after a license is purchased. The features in trial mode are exactly the same as the features you get after buying a subscription. The trial mode simply stops after 30 days.

When you request to cancel, your next renewal will be cancelled. If you have purchased a month-to-month subscription, the next month's renewal will not take place (and no more after that). If you have purchased a 6-monthly subscription, the next renewal (which could be a few months away) will not take place (and no more after that).


If you need to cancel please email from the email you used when purchasing the subscription. This is the email you would have received the purchase receipt at. Also specify the forwarding destination associated with your subscription.

Optionally, if you can explain why you are cancelling it could help improve the app.