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PhoneLeash account deletion and cancellation

How to delete your PhoneLeash registration

To delete your account registration, simply uninstall PhoneLeash. This will ensure that your registration details including name, phone number, email are deleted, within 7-10 days. Your texts related data is ephemeral to begin with, and is not stored. Deleting your account will NOT cancel any paid subscriptions you may have purchased.

How to cancel your subscription

To cancel your subscription, please email from the email you used when setting up the app. This is the email where you would have received confirmation emails. Also specify the forwarding destination associated with your setup. Cancellation requests are processed within 2 business days, and you will receive an email confirmation. If your subscription renews AFTER you have sent a cancellation request, the amount will be refunded.

When you request to cancel, your next renewal will be cancelled. If you have purchased a month-to-month subscription, the next month's renewal will not take place (and no more after that). If you have purchased a 6-monthly subscription, the next renewal (which could be a few months away) will not take place (and no more after that). THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR REMAINING DAYS OR MONTHS.