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Replying to a text forwarded to your second phone

If you want the ease of replying naturally without having to remember anything special (like the instructions below!), please forward to an email address. But if you must forward to another phone number, read on.

All the dark screens below are your destination phone, the phone to which texts are being forwarded (PhoneLeash is not installed on this phone)

A forwarded message, from Alice

This is a message forwarded by PhoneLeash to your second phone. It shows the number of the sender (hidden in this example, for privacy), a name if the contact exists on the PhoneLeash phone (Alice in this example), and the message.

Replying to Alice

To reply to Alice, you have prefix your reply with a special word that tells PhoneLeash the message should be sent onward to Alice. Otherwise it will just go to the PhoneLeash phone and stop there.


If you are replying right away, prefix your reply with tls to tell PhoneLeash to send it "to last sender" (the most recent sender). Remember, if others have texted your (PhoneLeash) phone since Alice's text, tls will not send the reply to Alice, as she is not the "last sender" anymoreCareful!

Alice will receive the text without the tls prefix (below).

Text a specific number using @

Prefix your message with @ and the phone number you want the text to go to (no spaces). Remember, you are sending this text to your PhoneLeash phone (not to 2223334444).

The PhoneLeash phone will send this onward to 2223334444. Raj will never know you are initiating this text from some other phone! The @2223334444 part will be be removed.


You even send MMS (picture) messages the same way. Just attach the picture.