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Forwarding WhatsApp messages

Note: WhatsApp support is in beta. If you find PhoneLeash crashing, try turning this off

Note: If WhatsApp is open and in the foreground, messages received during this time will not be forwarded. [Why? PhoneLeash reads incoming WhatsApp messages by reading the associated pop-up notification. When WhatsApp is open, there are no notifications.]

PhoneLeash can forward both direct and group WhatsApp messages. PhoneLeash cannot forward any WhatsApp attachments (e.g. pictures and videos), and also cannot forward outgoing WhatsApp messages.


The WhatsApp setup screen will only show up if WhatsApp is installed on your phone.

WhatsApp should be setup to use "High priority notifications". Click Settings, then Notifications and toggle on Use high priority notifications

Select the types of messages you would like forwarded.

Next click Notification Access and toggle on PhoneLeash, and click the (Back) button at the bottom to return to PhoneLeash setup.

Native WhatsApp replies are not possible, as this requires access to WhatsApp APIs, and these are not public. However, you can reply to direct WhatsApps and the reply will go back as an SMS (yes, possibly confusing the recipient).

Images, videos, any other attachments are not forwarded, due to the lack of WhatsApp API access. Images and videos that have a caption are forwarded like this. If there is no caption, PhoneLeash will not forward anything (Should it? Please send your feedback).