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"It's not working"

"It's not working" usually means you are not seeing texts at your forwarding destination (email or a second phone)

Has the trial ended?

If your trial has been active for a while, and PhoneLeash appears to have stopped suddenly, maybe you've reached the end of the trial period. Take a look at the app status notification.

PhoneLeash stops forwarding when the trial ends.

Have you renewed?

Renewal invoices are sent around a month in advance. If you have not renewed past the due date, a few days later your service may be paused. You can restart it manually, but please renew the subscription first.

"Active" is good

You want to see Active in the status notification, either in Trial or Licensed mode.

"Paused" is not good

"Paused" state means PhoneLeash is not forwarding. Any message received during this time will never be forwarded, even after it returns to Active state.

PhoneLeash can pause

RCS could be the problem

See this note on RCS.

Did you set keywords to filter incoming messages?

Launch the app and check if you have specified any keywords to filter out incoming messages not containing these keywords. Delete these keywords and test again. Click here for details on this feature.

Are you testing correctly?

Forwarding to email

When testing, don't text yourself, use another phone.

If you don't see the forwarded message in your inbox:

Forwarding to another phone

PhoneLeash should be installed on the phone whose incoming texts you want forwarded. The other phone (forwarding destination) does not need any app.

When testing, don't text yourself, or text from the destination phone to the PhoneLeash phone. Use a third phone. 

If you don't see the forwarded message in your second phone: