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Play Store says "PhoneLeash made for an older version of Android"

Some of you may see this Play Store error messagewhen you try to install PhoneLeash on your new phone: "This app isn't available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android."

This is a problem with the Play Store settings, and it's being worked on. PhoneLeash works just fine on the latest versions of Android, but if you see this error you won't be able to install via Play Store. But you can install it directly from the PhoneLeash website Scroll down to the video, and below that you will see 2 buttons, click the "Download for Android" button on the right. You may have to temporarily change your app security settings to allow download from a source other than Google Play. You'll be installing the exact same app that you get from Google Play. After the PhoneLeash installation is complete, please change the security settings back its previous setting.