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Forwarding to another phone

Note: If at all possible consider forwarding to an email address. You can usually access an email account from your other phone, and from your PC, tablet etc. Replying to text from email is also simple and natural.

Note: Install PhoneLeash on the phone whose texts you want to forward. You don't need to install anything on the destination/target phone, to which texts are being forwarded.

The first time, leave everything at defaults. You can come back later to turn on other options.

On the final screen, you should see a message pop-up briefly saying "PhoneLeash is registered".

When testing, don't text yourself, or text from the destination phone to the PhoneLeash phone. Use a third phone. You should see the text forwarded to your destination phone within a few seconds!

PhoneLeash should be installed on the phone whose incoming texts you want forwarded. The other phone (forwarding destination) does not need any app.

If you don't see the forwarded message in your second phone: